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#DiDaCast - Your Videocasting Solution #DiDaCast - Your Videocasting Solution

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In today’s technological landscape, video has become the cornerstone of digital learning and communication.
#DiDaCast, our fully automated mobile video studio is at your disposal to help you record and produce any type of video contents. Instructional videos, enterprise communication, live broadcast, on demand streaming, etc. #DiDaCast is the simple efficient and affordable answer to all your video needs.

DiDaCast by DiDaXo

Instructional videos

From storyboarding to broadcasting, we help you produce your instructional videos.

#DiDaCast records all the needed images and takes care of the post-production automatically. Speaker, screen captures, tutorials, real time green screen substitution, professional audio quality, be the next one to be surprised by the flexibility and simplicity of #DiDaCast.

Your MP4 video is ready a few minutes after the end of the shooting, We can also provide a SCROM package of your video for easy integration in your LMS.

#DiDaCast; Your trainer in action.


#DiDaCast in action

With the kind permission of Vincent Wegnez.


#DiDaCast as seen by the learner


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Seminars, Lectures, Town Hall Meetings, etc.

Record and broadcast your conferences, seminars, town hall meetings, city councils, etc. with #DiDaCast.

Our solution records multiple sources (cameras, slideshows, static images, audio, etc.) and allows you to easily mix these sources thanks to a very easy-to-use application included with the solution.

Last but not least, #DiDaCast provides both live-streaming and recording capabilities, so you can both broadcast your events live and save them for on-demand replay.

All for a very affordable budget well below that of a traditional video agency.

With the kind permission of Eaysyfairs (c) Eaysyfairs.

Corporate Communication Video

#DiDaCast is the ideal solution for creating your corporate videos.

Corporate message, annual reports, products launch, etc. #DiDaCast helps you communicate in a modern and engaging way, quickly, simply and for a limited budget.

Broadcast your videos on your infrastructure (intranet), through streaming sites (YouTube, Vimeo ...) or with our Media Center. In every case, we have a solution for you.

With the kind permission of Rotary D2170 and Nathalie Huyghebaert (c) Rotary.

For other corporate Communication Video samples, visit our DiDaXo You Tube channel.

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Need more info? Request a demo? Visit our dedicated #DiDaCast web site (in French) or  Contact us


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