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New trends in eLearning 2.0 have significantly changed our teaching practices and their management. This is true for the trainers and for the HR services.
Integrating Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to complement the instructor-led classes, integrating eLearning content, new learning methods, engagement and tracking systems, etc. are at the core of many of today's training project

You would like to adopt these practices, but you don't have the expertise and don't know where to start? DiDaXo can help you all along your new training project from the initial strategic plan to the implementation of your new LMS and more...


Our experts can help you sort out the initial thinking of your next training project. 

Let us organise the first workshops where we can brainstorm all together. DiDaXo is there to share its experience, its best practices and to give you some theoretical insight on how learning works in a learner's mind.

We recommend two half-day workshops with all the major stakeholders of your project.

Training project management

DiDaXo can help you with the difficult task of training project management. Our methods are based on the Prince 2 international standards and ressources. They have been used successfully in many projects throughout the years (Cost / Planning / Quality triangle, phasing, WBS, staffing, reporting, etc.)


You temporarily need some additional ressources during the course of your training project? DiDaXo can give you the highly qualified professional you are looking for. The members of our extensive network of partners and freelancers are all experts in their respective fields (Authoring specialists, Coaches, LMS administrators, virtual classrooms managers, etc.)