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Our fully equipped and transportable video studio (cam, sound, lightening, chroma key, prompter…) is at your disposal to record  and produce your most demanding video contents such as screencast, videocast and/or enterprise communication video.

Screencasts Tutorials

Video tutorials are more and more successful these days. Our multimedia studio has all the required capture and audio equipment to produce professional screencast tutorials. 
For a screencast sample, visit  this course abstract recorded by Damien Bruyndocnkx, our associate COO and pedagogical director, for Video2brain (c).

Videocast (pedagogical videos) 

In today's virtual learning space, Video is the cornerstone of any multimedia eLearning content. From storyboarding to hosting and broadcasting, DiDaXo can help you produce your own instructional videos, in several formats; 

  • On-Line video courses ;

This means a video course including 2 streams, simultaneously recorded and arranged side by side, without postproduction workload ; trainer in front of camera  and trainer’s screen contents (pedagogical material, powerpoint…)



  • #DiDaCast format ;

This works as a « TV weather forecasts » mode, with 2 streams, first with trainer looking through camera in front of a chroma key, this last being automatically replaced by trainer’s screen content (without any postproduction workload). This allows real time interaction between trainer and pedagogical material (same way with whiteboard in ILT class.



Town Hall Meetings and Seminars 

Same tools and methods may be used to record, on site, in real time, your Town Hall Meetings and Enterprise Seminars, and live stream or broadcast them, for a lower budget than regular video studios.



Enterprise Communication Video

Our equipment and methods (rushes and interviews recording, sound recording, video montage, upstream keying…) may be used to produce enterprise communication videos
This content can be broadcasted on our Media Center solutions, on customer's infrastructure (intranet) or on usual streaming sites (YouTube…)



For other Enterprise Communication Video samples, visit our DiDaXo You Tube channel.


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