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DiDaXo announces Rti as a customer in the eLearning business, in partnership with UPartner. DiDaXo announces Rti as a customer in the eLearning business, in partnership with UPartner.

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Rti (The Rail Training Institute) is the training center of the railroad industry. Rti has been involved in Digital Learning for quite a long time. The RTI management team, along with their privileged supplier, UPartner, asked DiDaXo to digitalise some of their training.


The course modules that we produced are meant to reinforce the knowledge and proper usage of the rules and procedures used in radio communication between the train drivers and the dispatching. The digital format allows for a quick and flexible access to training resources from desktop computers or tablet devices.
The modules that we produced incorporate interactive and multimedia content, videos, sound, and voiceover narration. Multiple-choice questions are used for for skills acquisition check.
Modules have been built based upon storyboards developed in close collaboration with the customer. Once approved, the modules have been edited and published in SCORM format using Adobe Captivate 9.

Check out our web site to know more about our eLearning factory. Interested in having your own courses contents digitalized with Adobe Captivate ? Contact us for a demo or a chat.


About Rti (Rail Training Institute)

The Rail Training Institute helps candidate trains drivers and candidate security officers get a job in the railway industry. Training plans includes basic trainings, ongoing trainings, custom trainings and certification trainings.
Rti is an open training center, so any railroad company can send their candidates to Rti classes.
Visit the Rti Website for more information.

About UPartner

UPartner is a web-marketing agency helping customers optimizing their visibility on the Internet. A multidisciplinary team proposes a global approach to best serve the Internet communication strategy of the customers.
UPartner’s goal is to bring customers of any size to the top, through ethical and transparent coaching in a long term win-win relationship.
Visit the UPartner Website for more information.

Published with consent of Rti and UPartner


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