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DiDaXo introduces new AudioVisual and live streaming services. DiDaXo introduces new AudioVisual and live streaming services.

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DiDaXo already proposes pedagogical video production services as well as recording services for events, trainings and Town Hall meetings. Having seen a high increase in Live streaming demand, DiDaXo has decided to propose additional services to its customers by adding live streaming capabilities to its portfolio.
Our aim is to make such services affordable to anyone without compromising the professional quality that makes our reputation.
Our live streaming technology allows us to broadcast your event using a wide variety of platforms, including Facebook Live, Youtube or even your own custom live streaming environment.




DiDaXo added to its existing capturing and recording equipment the necessary professional live streaming tools as well as a software solution used to encode and generate live RTSP and RTMP streams.

Thanks to our fully equipped movable studio, your seminars, Instructor-Led trainings and events can be produced, mixed, projected in the event venue and broadcasted live at the same time. Your events can now reach a worldwide audience using a standard broadband Internet connection.

In addition to that, video recordings of your events are available in several formats for archiving purposes or for on-demand viewing on any public or private video platform.

Let us help you dramatically increase your organization’s visibility and make your events accessible to a worldwide audience.

As conference organizers or venues owner, be the next to take advantage of our new Live streaming services and give your events the global reach they deserve. Contact us today for more information. 

Want more about this live streaming format ? Check out our FaceBook page. 


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