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DiDaXo recorded it's 50th hour of videocast in first year of activity DiDaXo recorded it's 50th hour of videocast in first year of activity

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Video is, definitely, the new trend in eLearning and in the process of digitally transforming existing learning programs.
One year ago, DiDaXo started a new business line around video at the service of eLearning community, in partnership with Inwicast, experts in video and rich media technologies.

Today DiDaXo is proud to announce the recording and delivery of more than 50 hours of video contents for a growing numbers of early adopter customers.


There is no simpler, quicker and cheapest way to make your first steps into the fascinating world of eLearning in order to transform your current trainers into professional instructional video authors.
Transforming existing courses material in an enriched video format, record and stream on demand (or live) your town hall meetings and enterprises seminars, in full autonomy or with the assistance of our crew.
Use the same tools and methodology to transform your enterprise communication into a captivating and efficient video format. 
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