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Articulate Storyline Articulate Storyline

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With Articulate Storyline 2, you can create different types of eLearning content such as screen captures, software simulations and quizzes. Enrich your courses with various multimedia elements such as images, audio narrations, videos and advanced interactions.

Bruno DethuneYour instructor

Bruno Dethune works with DiDaXo since a while as a “Senior Articulate Consultant, Developer and Trainer” in dutch, french and english. He joined for the fist time in 2005 the “beta testers” team of new Articulate developments. Bruno took regularly part in “Articulate User Days” as speaker in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Course content


This course takes two days to complete.

Day 1 :

  • Introduction
    • Interfaces and preferences
    • Using masters
    • PowerPoint as starter
  • the elements of Storyline
    • Templates and interactions
    • Images
    • Text captions
    • Backgrounds
    • Animations
    • Pan and Zoom
    • Managing characters
    • Markers
  • Timing
  • Basic publishing techniques

Day 2 :

  • Advanced options
    • Buttons and states
    • Quizzes
    • Notes
    • Sound
    • Flash and video integration
  • Player customisation
  • Screen capture techniques
  • Replay
  • Scripting
  • Advanced publishing techniques
    • Sur un site Web et/ou dans un LMS (Learning Management Systems)
    • Portabilité (Responsiveness) avec HTML 5 

In Practice

This course can be a traditional instructor-led class or a blended class (eLearning + some instructor-led activities)

Course duration

The comprehensive instructor-led course takes a 2 days time.

Blended format

This course has been designed as a blended learning experience. It uses two distinct learning environment in order to give you two pedagogical experiences that complement each other.

  • A Virtual Learning Environment to support online activities
  • A traditional classroom setup or a virtual classroom environment for instructor-led activities

The online activities are available during and after the corresponding instructor-led activities starting from the date of your registration till one month after the end of the training. These online activities include a forum and a chat room to let you interact with your fellow learners as well as with your instructor / coach. 

The heart of the training is a traditional instructor-led class or an instructor-led virtual classroom


Ask for a quote or secure your seat using our web form

The course fee includes the access to your personal Virtual Learning Environment, the traditional instructor-led class and a companion eBook.

You can, however, deactivate some of these options to get a discount

  • BYOD - Attend the Instructor-Led class with your own laptop and get a 50 EUR discount. In this case, you are responsible for installing a valid copy of the software being taught (trial licences available for most of our trainings)
  • No E-Book -Do not order the companion eBook and get a 25 EUR discount
  • No Blended -Take only the instructor-led part of the training without the online activities and get a 50 EUR discount



No specific prerequisite is expected. A pedagogical and / or a graphical authoring experience is a plus but is not mandatory.