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Creating quizzes with Moodle(1 day) Creating quizzes with Moodle(1 day)

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The current trends in eLearning 2.0 have significantly modify our ways of teaching and learning. One of these trends is online quizzes used as a training or certification strategy.

Your instructor

Benoit Ter Burg is a certified IT trainer and is active in the Moodle community.




Target audience

This course is made for anyone with a teaching background including, but not limited to IT trainers, (e)-coaches, eLearning coordinators, instructional designers, etc.

This course is not a course on the basic Moodle functionalities (see the prerequisites at the end of this page) nor is it a course on creating Quizzes with third party tools (Such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio, Articulate Storyline, etc.)

Course content

During this one day training, you will learn how to use the Quiz features of the Moodle LMS. This includes importing existing quizzes into Moodle and creating brand new quizzes with the built-in tools of Moodle 

You'll learn about question banks and will be able to manage all aspects of Quizz reporting.

Day 1

  • Creating and administering question banks
    • About question banks
    • Question typology and categories
    • Creating questions
    • Importing and exporting questions
    • Typologie et catégories de questions
  • Managing quiz parameters
    • Introduction to the interface
    • Selecting questions and items (randomisation)
    • Managing restrictions restrictions (timing, retry…)
    • Review options
    • Grading
    • Managing feedback to students
    • Security considerations
  • Creating a quiz from existing question banks
    • Selecting and adding questions
  • Quiz setup
    • The editing function
    • Managing display options (order and paging)
    • Glossaries and Quizzes
    • Prevent the access to other ressources during the quiz
  • Third party plugins
    • Working with Equation editors (Mathjax / (La)Tex / Atto)
    • ‘Drag and drop marker’
    • 'Drag and drop onto images’
    • ‘Missing Words’
    • ‘Gapfill’
  • Integrating audio and video elements in quizzes
  • Integrating existing SCORM quizzes
  • Create and read reports
  • Certification procedures (conditional activities and access restrictions)
    • Managing and editing certificates
    • Managing and editing badges

In Practice

This course can be a traditional instructor-led class or a blended class (eLearning + some instructor-led activities)

Blended format

This course has been designed as a blended learning experience. It uses two distinct learning environment in order to give you two pedagogical experiences that complement each other.

  • A Virtual Learning Environment to support online activities
  • A traditional classroom setup or a virtual classroom environment for instructor-led activities

The online activities are available during and after the corresponding instructor-led activities starting from the date of your registration till one month after the end of the training. These online activities include a forum and a chat room to let you interact with your fellow learners as well as with your instructor / coach. 

The heart of the training is a traditional instructor-led class or an instructor-led virtual classroom

Booking options

The course fee includes the access to your personal Virtual Learning Environment, the traditional instructor-led class and a companion eBook.

You can, however, deactivate some of these options to get a discount

  • BYOD - Attend the Instructor-Led class with your own laptop and get a 50 EUR discount. In this case, you are responsible for installing a valid copy of the software being taught (trial licences available for most of our trainings)
  • No E-Book -Do not order the companion eBook and get a 25 EUR discount
  • No Blended -Take only the instructor-led part of the training without the online activities and get a 50 EUR discount 

Register online at moodle.didaxo.be and enter your discount code (BYOD, NoE-Book, NoBlended)


This one day training requires that you have attended the Moodle 2.7 Course Creator Essentials course by DiDaXo or have an equivalent experience of Moodle

A pedagogical experience is considered as a plus, but is not required