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Digitalization & Storyboarding Digitalization & Storyboarding

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During this training, you will first receive a theoretical background illustrated by a wealth real-world samples.
You will discuss the specifics of distant and digital learning, discover the Do’s and Don’ts and how put an efficient design process in place.
At the end of the training, you will tour the most popular authoring tools and discover different types of eLearning content. 
Finally, you will put your new skills at work by working on a practical Use Case that you will share with your classmates.

Your Instructor Benoit Ter Burg
Your Instructor

Benoit Ter Burg is a certified trainer and expert in Digital Learning. He is active as Learning Designer and author/producer of multimedia Digital Learning contents and pedagogical and enterprises videos


Target audience

This course is designed for anyone involved in creating new digital learning content, or in converting existing learning content to digital.

Course content

  1. Why is Digital Learning specific ? New Paradigm.
  2. Team; Profiles and Competencies
    1. Instructional Designer
    2. ADDIE methodology 
    3. VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
    4. Norms and Standards (SCORM, xAPI)
  3. Need for a specific approach
    1. Rules OR Advices ?
    2. Some tips for paradigm Shift 
      1. Motivation and Learning Decision (ARC’s Theory)
      2. Time of attention and duration
      3. Ergonomy and Navigation
      4. Multi contents Approach
      5. Interactivity and engagement
      6. Why and How to build a ‘VLE’ (Virtual Learning Environment)
      7. Some tips to manage your learners community into VLE)
      8. Interculturality
  4. Storyboarding & Storytelling
    1. From Scratch 
    2. From existing Slides Decks
    3. Formative Feed Backs and Skills Check
  5. Contents categories - Sample and Tools overview  (Multimedia, Screen Cast, WhiteBoards, Video, Animations, Augmented Reality…)

In the practical session you will apply these theoretical concepts by building your own Storyboard based on a custom business-related Use Case. You will share your work with your classmates and discuss how to improve it, in a social learning approach.

In Practice

This course can be a traditional instructor-led class or a blended class (eLearning + some instructor-led activities).
To make sure we are able to work on a business-related use case, we will ask you to submit a short use case fact sheet you would like to transform into a story no later than 5 days prior to the workshop.

Course duration

Course duration is usually one day and an half.
Anyway, this course may be organised in a commun bundle with "Storytelling course" in a two days duration.

Blended format

This course has been designed as a blended learning experience. It uses two distinct learning environment in order to give you two pedagogical experiences that complement each other.

  • A Virtual Learning Environment to support online activities
  • A traditional classroom setup or a virtual classroom environment for instructor-led activities

The online activities are available during and after the corresponding instructor-led activities starting from the date of your registration till one month after the end of the training. These online activities include a forum and a chat room to let you interact with your fellow learners as well as with your instructor / coach. 

The heart of the training is a traditional instructor-led class or an instructor-led virtual classroom


Ask for a quote or secure your seat using our web form 

The course fee includes the access to your personal Virtual Learning Environment, the traditional instructor-led class and a companion eBook.

You can, however, deactivate some of these options to get a discount

  • BYOD - Attend the Instructor-Led class with your own laptop and get a 50 EUR discount. In this case, you are responsible for installing a valid copy of the software being taught (trial licences available for most of our trainings)
  • No E-Book -Do not order the companion eBook and get a 25 EUR discount
  • No Blended -Take only the instructor-led part of the training without the online activities and get a 50 EUR discount


No technical or design related prerequisites are required. A pedagogical interest and some teaching experience is an asset.