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Moodle Course Creator Essential (2 days) Moodle Course Creator Essential (2 days)

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The current trends in eLearning 2.0 have significantly modify our ways of teaching and learning. Things like Social Learning, MOOC's and COOC's, Y workers coming tho the workplace, etc. are new challenges that we need to address both as teachers and as HR manager.

With the advent of eLearning comes the wide adoption of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and Personal Learning Spaces (PLS). This technological and pedagogical revolution cannot take place without an integrated LMS platform such as Moodle


Your Instructor Benoit Ter BurgYour Instructor

Benoit Ter Burg is a certified IT trainer and is active in the Moodle community.




Target audience

This course is made for anyone with a teaching background including, but not limited to IT trainers, (e)-coaches, eLearning coordinators, instructional designers, etc.

Be aware though that this course is not an advanced Moodle administration course, even though some basic administration tasks will be covered. Also, this course is not about authoring eLearning content. If you are interested in authoring your own eLearning modules, consider our courses on Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Camtasia.  

Course content

During this two days training, you will use the Moodle interface to manage your Moodle LMS as an administrator, as a teacher and as a student.

You will take a step by step journey in migrating your existing training ressources into the Moodle LMS in order to create integrated online learning path that can be used in a blended or full-online approach. You will be able to integrate in your courses courses and quizzes either from third party services, or custom-made by authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate or Storyline. 

Day 1 :

  • Understanding the interface, the blocks and the themes
  • Understanding Moodle roles (Trainer, student, non editing teacher, guest...)
  • Understanding authentication and enrolment methods
    • Authentication: manual, self, mail based, LDAP, file import, etc.
    • Enrolment: manual, cohort, automatic,etc.
  • Creating and administrating a course
    • Choosing the right course format
    • Creating containers and pages
      • Text editor
      • Files and File Picker, Folder and My Files
      • Label
      • Images
      • Pdf and ppt
    • Creating and adding multimedia elements (audio, video, etc.)
    • Integrating SCORM ressources
  • Creating and administering activities (Standard Plugins)
    • Ressources
    • Assignment
    • Choice
    • Feedback
    • Wiki’s
    • Glossary
  • Creating and administering communication activities (social learning)
    • Integrated messaging system
    • Forum
    • Chat
    • Calendar

Day 2

  • Managing classroom activities (Third party plugin);
    • Face2Face
    • Scheduler
    • Attendance
    • Certificate
  • Creating and administering Quizzes
    • Question banks
    • Typology
    • Import and export
    • Third-party plugins (drag and drop, markers, etc.)
  • Engagement and tracking tools : Gradebook, Completion, badges
  • Creating and administering virtual classrooms with Big Blue Button
    • Client configuration (Java version, trusted site, screen sharing setup)
    • Recordings
  • Basic administration tasks
    • Back-Up and Restore
    • Course template
    • Language packs

Time permitting

  • More authentication methods
  • More enrolment methods
  • Alternate repository
  • Upload file size
  • Media Player (Flow Player)
  • MultiMedia Filter
  • Glossary Autolink
  • Completion tracking
  • Conditional activity
  • Feed Back Plugin
  • Moodle App and Web Service Activation

In Practice

This course can be a traditional instructor-led class or a blended class (eLearning + some instructor-led activities)

Blended format

This course has been designed as a blended learning experience. It uses two distinct learning environment in order to give you two pedagogical experiences that complement each other.

  • A Virtual Learning Environment to support online activities
  • A traditional classroom setup or a virtual classroom environment for instructor-led activities

The online activities are available during and after the corresponding instructor-led activities starting from the date of your registration till one month after the end of the training. These online activities include a forum and a chat room to let you interact with your fellow learners as well as with your instructor / coach. 

The heart of the training is a traditional instructor-led class or an instructor-led virtual classroom

Booking options

The course fee includes the access to your personal Virtual Learning Environment, the traditional instructor-led class and a companion eBook.

You can, however, deactivate some of these options to get a discount

  • BYOD - Attend the Instructor-Led class with your own laptop and get a 50 EUR discount. In this case, you are responsible for installing a valid copy of the software being taught (trial licences available for most of our trainings)
  • No E-Book -Do not order the companion eBook and get a 25 EUR discount
  • No Blended -Take only the instructor-led part of the training without the online activities and get a 50 EUR discount 

Register online at moodle.didaxo.be and enter your discount code (BYOD, NoE-Book, NoBlended)


Besides a basic knowledge of your operating system (including basic file management, Zipping and unzipping, etc.) no special prerequisite is expected 

A pedagogical experience is a plus.